Errata – October 21

Bloody hell! It was looking so nice but everything’s gone a bit off now! This weather is all over the place, isn’t it? Here’s a list of corrections to the forecasts we published earlier.


We were wrong! Apologies, but our published forecast of “a shower or two” has turned out to be a little off. A reader has sent us an update from up north!

Shower or two my arse. It’s bucketing down. The dogs are losing the plot. Look out a bloody window ya prawns.

POV photo of driving a car at 29kph in heavy rain
Look at that! Good thing you don’t need to stop for fuel right now!

Whoops! Sorry mate, and convey our apologies to the dogs too.


A storm front approaching
Yep, that certainly looks like weather on the way!

It’s also coming down in Narrabri! Didn’t thing there was much up that way honestly, but whatever’s there is damp, anyway. Thanks for the tip, Matt! Hope you can find a boat to get you across the driveway soon!

Canberra and Goulburn

It’s raining in Canberra right now, so we’re assuming it’s raining in Goulburn too. If it’s not, it will be soon. Bring the washing in now.


David reports “steady but not heavy rain just outside of Brisbane” so it sounds like the whole bloody east side of Australia is damp now! Bloody hell!


Well, it went from bloody lovely weather for sipping a cold beer, perhaps on the deck of a boat, and turned right around in to bloody thunderstorms! Who could have predicted that?

We’d show you a picture of it, but it’s bloody dark out now and you can’t see anything. Best to just get home and hope it’s all over when you pop out for your morning latte.

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    Mike, First of His Name

    Please welcome @oldmate to the fedi

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    Andrea 🐾

    @oldmate I have a wet cat here in Melbourne, that agrees that there is definitely a bit of weather here happening right now.

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    @oldmate Send some over there (California)…we're so parched we're peeing air.