Weather Update

G’day folks! Got a little treat for you here, a very recent update on the weather we got in the e-post from one of our readers who’s right out in the bloody stuff!

Peter sent us a pic of his home weather station, based “west of the blue mountains, which I guess is basically East South Australia”!

A damp orange cloth hanging off of a pole by  a chook pen

The blokes in the lab tell me this weather rag is top shelf next-gen stuff. We used to use the neighbour’s chooks to tell the weather, but Duncan next door is staying at his mum’s while his tradie mate’s putting in an extension.

The rag’s wet right now. That means the weather is “rain”.


Top work Pete! I know all our readers who are also in East South Australia will be glad to know it’s a bit damp out, so put the gummies on if you’re heading out this arvo!

If any of you other folks reading have got some weather on the go at your joint, go ahead and snap a pic of it and send to Old Mate here at The Bommo and we’ll get that info out!